About Michiel

Photo by: Hanneke Meier

I’m Michiel Fokkema, married, two teenage daughters and live in the Netherlands.

I started photography at the age of 10 with an Agfa click. Very soon I was fascinated with how I could capture light.

Soon I was a member of the school’s photography club and started to take photo’s for the school paper and also started to print my own photos in the darkroom. I still do that on a regular basis. Seeing the image develop in the tray hasn’t lost its magic in those 30 years since I saw it the first time.

After following several courses I decided to start as a professional wedding and portrait photographer a few years ago. I also felt the urge to share my knowledge and began to teach workshops together with Simone and started an English spoken Photography School together with Heather.

My fascination with Paris also started very young. The first time I was in Paris was when I was fourteen. After one day I went on my own without my parents and took my first street photos. Since then I’ve been hooked and  been back numerous times-for our honeymoon, for photo sessions and for work. Sometimes for a week sometimes just for one evening. But the camera always accompanies me.

Although I shoot a lot of digital photos and studied digital photography for the last 5 years, I also love analogue capture. Especially in Cities like Paris it suits me  better. Because of these experiences I have vast knowledge of both digital and analogue photography.

Now many years later after I’ve shot my first photo I’m still fascinated by the light and Paris and very eager to share this fascination with you.

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